Tectonics is a seating scape for public spaces consisting of five modules, four seating elements, and one tray. It is inspired by the movements of tectonic plates. 

Today we live in the era of collaboration. This culture can now be seen practiced in different settings from schools to universities to offices. Tectonics is a modular seating system that matches the dynamism and adaptability of the new generation. This collection provides a complete solution for collaboration, relaxation, and focused work.


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Just as the tectonic plates break the landmasses, different groups of individuals will rearrange these seating pieces to accommodate different postures. Their activities will determine the mood of the space.

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The various heights of the seating surfaces resonate with the varied topography of the planet. The base plate gives them a floating appearance. The spring-loaded ball bearings make it easy for the user to move the furniture around. They also hold the furniture in place when one sits on it. The contrast seams on the wool felt upholstery denote the direction of motion. 


Anchor is the biggest piece of the collection. It is an expansive low seating with a low backrest. It allows three people to sit comfortably while collaborating or relaxing.

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Drift has a high backrest. It creates a private nook for people in a public setting. It also has a wide handrest that can be used as a surface for work or to keep one’s belongings like books food/drinks, etc.

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Collide is a chaise lounge. It has an angular backrest. It can accommodate two people to sit together or one person to rest.



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Float is the smallest piece of the collection. It is inspired by the small islands floating around the large continents. 



Mesa, meaning an isolated flat-topped hill, is a tray. In Spanish, it alludes to a table.


It rests on the pieces like plateaus on continents. The flat surface is good to hold food and drinks. It can be used as a workspace to keep books or a laptop. The backside of the tray is upholstered. Once placed on a seat, it stays put due to the friction between the two layers of upholstery. This prevents the drinks from spilling. 


All seating modules interact with each other in the same way that tectonic plates do with each other. 

float and collide.JPG
sliding final.jpg

SLIDING   Angular sides nestling together 

COLLIDING   Vertical sides slamming into each other 

People perform various activities in communal public spaces like working together, relaxing, eating, drinking, playing, streaming, etc. They sit in different positions while performing these tasks and hence require flexible furniture that can adapt according to their activity. Tectonics is the best time-based metaphor to show the movement of people as natural forces at play.

Tectonics is a public seating system that can be placed in any communal public space like schools, colleges, offices, airport lounges, cafes, libraries, hospital waiting rooms, community centers, co-work centers, etc. 

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