Nowadays the trend of, work from home, has caught up in a big way. The ever-evolving technology is supporting it efficiently. Facade, the home office desk is a result of this trend.

Merit Award Winner of IWF DESIGN EMPHASIS Awards 2018

Facade lets you separate your work and home environment.


To maintain a good work-life balance, the person should be able to switch off work mode and return to his or her personal life. This is a bit difficult when work is in front of the eyes all the time. 


This work from home desk uses walnut wood for the structure. Unlike the regular roll-top desks, Facade uses suede fabric for the tambour. The soft suede tambour makes it very homey. This combination of materials perfectly gels it with the other residential furniture. It is very soothing to sight as well as the touch.

At the end of the day, the shutter is rolled down at any workplace. Similarly, one rolls the suede tambour to cover the work surface at the end of work hours to get back to home and family.

It has been provided with a wooden handle, to help one, roll it up and down. The tambour rolls back completely and hides underneath the table when one needs to work. The roll-top cover keeps the work away from prying eyes and naughty kids.